We offer all sizes and grades of containers, from 10′ to 53′ and from new to used to scrap. Please see below for what we can offer and descriptions of how we grade our containers.

All containers are 8′ wide (96″) until you get to 48′ in length. Some containers are considered “specialty” or “specials” like open sides, high cube 20’s, open tops etc. Sometimes we will have specials in stock but if we do not we can usually get them in a week or so.

Boxes designated by:

Dry Van, standard box, unit is 8’6″ tall

High Cube, means unit is 9’6″ tall

Double Door, doors on each end

Open Side, one side opens entirely

Open Top

Reefer, Refrigerated

  • 20′ DV New + Used
  • 20′ HC New only
  • 20′ DD New only
  • 20’ OS New only
  • 20′ OT New + Used
  • 20′ RF New + Used
  • 20′ Flatrack Used only
  • 8′ DV New only
  • 10′ DV New only
  • 40′ DV New + Used
  • 40′ HC New + used
  • 40′ DD New only
  • 40′ DDHC New only
  • 40′ OS New only
  • 40′ OT New + Used
  • 40′ RF New + Used
  • 40′ Flatrack Used only
New 40’ HC
New 20’ DV
New 20’ Open Side
Used 20’ DV A Grade
Used 20’ DV with Custom Paint
Used 40' HC with Roll Doors
New 40’ 9’x6”
New 40’ 9’x6”
New 40’ 9’x6”
New 40’ 9’x6”
New 40’ 9’x6”
New 40’ 9’x6”


New or used only once. Usually built within the last 2 years. Excellent condition.

Minimal rust. Doors, gaskets and floors in very good condition. No major dents.

The most cost effective wind and water tight container

New/One Trip

  • Not older than 2 years old
  • Used no more than twice in international trade
  • No major deflections
  • No patches

Bottom Line

As good as it gets

A Grade

Minimal rust, doors and gaskets in very good condition. Doors open and close good. No major dents. Some rust, but still minor and superficial. No areas of rust exceeding 6 inches in diameter. Floors in very good condition and good enough for forklift operation.

  • Over all good box, wind and water tight
  • Deflections: None/minimal, may have a couple small deflections
  • Dents and Dings: May have some but not excessive
  • Patches: No large patches in roof or sides.
    May have no more than 2 patches smaller than your hand
  • Roof Waviness: May have slight waviness in small area, no excessive waviness
  • Gaskets: Good order.
    No separation from door
    Patched sections OK if neat and in good condition
    No heavy or smeared caulking
  • Odor: None/Slight
  • Rust: May have smaller sections of rust, no blistering or heavy scale
  • Floors: patches OK but must be in good order, forklift worthy
    No large stains on floor (defined by being bigger than a sheet of flooring)
    Delamination OK but must be minimal
  • Door Function: OK/Average
  • Overall appearance must be OK, color doesn’t matter
  • A+ grading possible but must be an exceptional used box

Bottom Line

Great quality box, looks overall better cosmetically than a B, expect a straighter roofline, less sanding surface rust if you want to paint, fewer dents and dings, etc. especially if aesthetics are a concern or if you are planning on doing heavy modifications

B Grade

The most cost effective wind and water tight container, guaranteed free from any damage, large deflections, or holes and has operating doors. May not win a beauty award but a good sound box. Rust maybe apparent but not predominant and is still superficial. May have several patches in roof and floor. Floor may also have some de-lamination or gouges, may or may not be suitable for forklift operation.

  • Wind and water tight
  • Deflections: May have large/ several deflections
  • Dents and Dings: May have several deflections
  • Patches: May have any number or size of patches
  • Roof Waviness: May have slight to significant waviness
  • Gaskets: Functional and weather tight
    May have some separation from the door or looseness
    May have heavy/smeared caulking around gaskets
    May have patched sections
  • Odor: None/Slight/Moderate
  • Rust: May have larger sections of rust
    May have heavy scale or blistering
    Any rust will not compromise weather tightness or structural integrity
  • Floors: May or may not be forklift worthy
  • May have large stains on floor (defined by being bigger than a sheet of flooring)
  • Delamination may be moderate to severe
  • Floor boards maybe loose and/or popped up in spots
  • Door Function: may be stiff and harder to operate but functional
  • Overall appearance may not be that nice
  • B- grading possible if it is especially rough looking or there are a lot of patches, etc.

Bottom Line

May not be very pretty but still a good low cost, structurally sound unit that is wind and water tight.