We will do everything within our abilities to get the container positioned where you want it but there are times that it will not be possible. Please keep in mind the below points in order to ensure a smooth delivery. If you are not sure, it is a good idea to have a back-up location in mind. We will also do a site check at no charge if you think there might be an issue. Drivers have the final say as to whether or not they are willing to put the container in any given location. Our policy is to do everything that we can to get a container where the customer wants it. If the driver says that he will probably get stuck we will still try but once the customer is informed and gives the go ahead any tow bills that we incur will have to be paid by the customer.

Location Access

40′, 45′ and 48′ containers

have to be delivered on our tractor trailer rollback which consist of a tractor and a 46′ roll back trailer

20′ containers

can be delivered on our smaller straight truck roll back

Turning into the site

At times, this can be the hardest part of the delivery.

Drive needs at least 16′ wide if the road is not excessively narrow (i.e. old country roads, dirt roads. etc) and if there are not ditches on either side. Also, there can not be any obstruction (i.e. mailbox, fence post, etc) on either side of drive near the road or directly across from the drive or any where within the turning radius of the truck.

Back roads, dirt or gravel, can be problematic as well. Even if a road is relatively wide we can not get too close to the edge as usually it will give way. Essentially a 16’ wide dirt or gravel road can become a 12’ road.

If any of the conditions above do exist, then the drive will need to be at least 24′ wide


Delivery trucks are 13′ 6″ high. Please be aware of any low branches or electrical wires at point of entry. When we raise the bed the truck will be 17′ high at the drop area.

Example of bad delivery site, it is not possible to place a 40’ container here

Drop Area


Preferred drop areas are hard pack dirt, asphalt, concrete, gravel, etc

Sand and wet ground can give us trouble. We run single axle trucks so we are really light which means we spin easy and once we spin we are done. Wet grass, mud, sand and fields (even ones that have not been plowed in a while) can all give us trouble.

Please be aware of location of your septic tank if you are on or ever had septic.​

Driveways may be scratched or cracked on delivery or pick up. If you would like for us to put something underneath to help minimize this please have it on-site i.e. plywood, 2x4s, etc.

Container Placement

Our tractor trailer rollback needs at least 100′ in front of the container once it is dropped to maneuver. Basically, we need 140′ (100′ + 40′ container) of linear space and at least 10′ of width in order to drop the container and get out from underneath it.

Our smaller truck for 20’s needs 80′ of room (60′ + 20′ container) and at least 10′ of width . 10′ of width is assuming that we can get our truck straight before backing. If we have to come in on an angle we will need more width.


Our drivers will be more than happy to place the containers on dunnage of your choice but they will not “level” them. Once they are on the dunnage a container corner can be lifted with a floor jack and shimmed if you want it dead level, but that is the responsibility of the customer.

We suggest solid concrete blocks that are sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot or most hardware supply places. They are 4″ thick by 8″ wide by 16″ long.

You only need 1 piece of each corner (total of 4). If you look at a container that is sitting on concrete the only thing touch the ground are the 4 “corner castings”. The bottom rail and cross member do not touch the ground and all of the weight of the container is transferred through the corner post

Our drivers are not required to touch anything larger than 3′ long by 6″x 6″. Cross ties and larger lumber is heavy and hard to deal with and our guys are old and out of shape.

Items that are not good for dunnage: bricks, cinder blocks, pavers, etc (we crush them)